Does iPhone 12 supports LTE Advanced or LTE Advanced Pro?

Hi Experts,
Does iPhone 12 supports LTE Advanced or LTE Advanced Pro?

Also, I heard the latest iPhone does not support mmWave except for USA. Is it true?
If so, then it is such a disappointment because mmWave is where the fun and thrill of 5G is.
Any other phone that supports it across the globe?

What do you mean by Advanced Pro?
For mmWave, I don’t think there is currently a commercial network somewhere in the world, it is still under trial phase, so it is too early to get disappointed, unless you have it already live and mature in your network and want to enjoy.

By Advanced Pro, it is meant r13 and onwards for LTE.

I think mmWave is commercially active in USA as many carriers are already saying that 5G ultra wide band is live which I assume they are talking of mmWave.

Which carrier are you using mmWave in India with?
I heard some test networks are active but no further info on that.

Not India. I am talking of USA. Do you know if for sure mmWave is coming to India?

No, that was my query :sweat_smile: I read news that operators got 5G test license but no details on it.

Oh my bad. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yeah 5G tests have been going on in both camps for quite sometime now but no confirmation yet.
The last I read is that both camps confirmed they are 5G ready.
Probably, they are waiting for auctions here.

India ops will get 700 with 30 MHz slot for auction & 3300-3600 & mmWave is n257 26.5-29.5 GHz is planned for trial & existing all 4G band also can be used by operators for testing.

I think Iphone 12 is the most advanced in the amrket now in regrads of LTE functionalities and features.

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@Mohamed_SAADAT Yes, I think so too.