Does increasing VoLTE load cause MOS to decrease and coverage to shrink?

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Does increasing VoLTE load cause MOS to decrease and coverage to shrink?

Increase in VoLTE load create spectral efficiency degradation.
I don’t think coverage can be impacted.

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Which VoLTE codec allowed in your network?
Hope TTI bundling enabled.
If it is enabled what are ttibundling in and out threshold and time configured?

That is true for generic LTE Load.
Higher number of users, higher interference, lower quality and generally users at cell edge suffer most (which could be inferred as coverage shrinked).

It is 23.85



  1. TTI bundling
  2. RoHC
  3. UL coverage Boosting
  4. QCI1 Bler tgt
  5. UL CoMP

This will help.

No yet.


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Uplink Comp?

Coordinated Multi-Point transmission/reception (CoMP) is a DL/UL technique for improving system capacity and cell edge user throughput.

See details here, by @Jaeku_Ryu :

Yes, I know what is it in DL.
But didn’t know it existed in UL…
In DL you can have Joint Transmission with multiple trp.

Actually UL is most important and Implemented.

What happens in UL Comp?

Generally cell radius is limited by UL.

Yes, but where is the notion of joint transmission coming from?

Go through this nice explanation. :point_up_2:

Don’t think they have the UL Comp. This covers Downlink.

  • User Uplink Average Throughput had excellent improvement following the increase of CoMP RB ratio which indicates more gains provided by UL CoMP.
  • L.ULCoMP.User.Avg increased after activation which indicates the UEs that got gains from UL CoMP.
  • UL cell edge user Throughput had good improvement which will enhance edge user experience
  • UL Average MCS Modulation code scheme on ( Physical Uplink Shared Channel )PUSCH had very good improvement which will increase the UL throughput.
  • We can notice that PUSCH MCS index decreased in low Modulation code schemes and increased on high Modulation code schemes which will give users better data transfers .
  • PUSCH BLER had very good improvement since the PUSCH carries both signaling and user data so over all KPIs improved after we improve the channel quality .
  • UL Cell Throughput had excellent improvement .
  • L.UL.Interference.Avg decreased by more than 1dbm .