Does CQI reports must be enabled in order to see CQI reports?

Hello 5G Experts.

The CQI reports must be enabled in order to see CQI reports?

Currently I see like my innerloop of link adaptation is fixed on certain mcs 5 under all rf conditions, seems like cqi isnt enabled and its default constant value.
How do I verify if CQI on uE enabled or not?
(I see like RI report is reported but CQI isn’t reported)

In some scenario CQI is not available because of UE not supported apperiodic CQI reporting you can check from CQI info if its not available in all RF condition and MCS is stuck then most probably because of this case.
By enable periodic will overcome the issue.

What do you mean by to check in all rf condition? Didnt get you.
What is happenning like in inner loop of DL link adaptation(it based cqi) my mcs is like constant on 5 for all rf condition (means good sinr/low sinr/fair sinr) …

I see like cqi isnt reported in all rf condition thats why my mcs is constant over all rf condition.

So what do you mean to check what?

As I mentioned, in your case may be same with some common issue that global face like CQI not available in all RF conditions because UE doesn’t support aperiodic CQI reporting mode.

Got you @Yusuf154, thanks. :wink:

So you mean if all RF conditions no CQI reported it is most probably aperiodic CQI report mode thats why UE isn’t capable for this mode?

Yes. So by enable periodic instead of aperiodic will overcome this issue.

Any idea where do I check if periodic or aperiodic cqi configured?
Is it cell configuration or is it hardcoded in the code of the stack layer on the cell?

I see on my case in the cell its configured CSIreport is periodic.

Maybe the opposite? Maybe UE support aperiodic and not periodic?
Because in my case I see CSIreport parameter is periodic.

Yups, you can check…also ensure the mcs dl/ul cell parameter is should be 0 to avoid fixed MCS.

If its not the issue then some scenarios we can say because abnormal SRS. But ensure above point before to judge some abnormal SRS here.

If SRS is the issue you might change the adaptation SRS vs PMI to confirm.

Do You mean to assign initial DL and initial UL MCS as zero?

In this case check based on your vendor for more specific.

Thanks alot! :clap: