Does change in csi report periodicity impact DRX parametrization?

Hello Experts: one 5G question.
If we change periodic csireportperiodicity from 320 slots to 80 slots for example will this impact eDRX parametrization (needs to be adjusted parameters for eDRX)?

I think CSI is reported taking into consideration the DRX cycle.
There’s an IE called CSI mask. Do check that up.
That IE affects how CSI is reported when drxDRX is configured.

I could not find an IE called CSI mask in the RRC reconfiguration to setup the SCG.

3GPP TS 38.331

If set to true, the UE limits CSI reports to the on-duration period of the DRX cycle, see TS 38.321 [3]

But this is an optional parameter:

I don’t see it in my logs…

Which would mean csi reports would not be limited by DRX.
Hence csi report will not be affected.

From 38.321, it might still be affected by DRX depending on which channel and which of type is configured.

2 peridoic reports are configured
Firts one is ssb rsrp
A second one is cqi,pmi,ri.

Anyway my 38.321 rel 16 is very different from yours regarding csi-mask:

Actually I intentionally did not refer this because then conditions like dcp would come into the picture.
Rel15 becomes easy to read this way!

Anyway, if you got you need…all good👍🏻

Thanks @Nitin you for all your valuable input! :wink: