Does any one know if in eRan 6.0 the LBBP works in pool?

Does any one know if in eRan 6.0 the LBBP works in pool?

Which hardware version of LBBP u r using? for example pool works on cell and user level on LBBPc boards since eRAN2.

We are using LBBPd and eRAN 6.0 but here Huawei said that LBBP does not have pool.

If I connect 3 RRU in the same LBBP this will have all processing and the other one no.

Remember: Here i have two LBBP and all RRU are conected in only one of them. In other LBBP the CPU processing is zero because HW said that LBBP does not have pool. Is it true?

Hi, What type of LBBP?

LBBP Config

LBBPd…I received info from local guys (Huawei) that LBBP does not work in pool for eRan 6.0

Yes it works. But when you say in pool is like configuration for 3 sector :thinking::thinking::thinking: something different?

No…when I said pool I said about the CPU load. Always the LBBP where are the 3 sectors have more CPU load that the other LBBP.

Like I said before it works

Which version of this document are you talking about?

Note that CPU in slot2 (where are the 3 sectors) has more CPU load.

eRAN 8.1

sorry…we are using eran 6.0

Thanks…I think that you made confunsion…

The CPUs serves as resources pools to be scheduled between cells that are connected in the same LBBP. The other LBBP that there are no cells connected will not have CPU load.

Look…I have 2 LBBP…the 3 cells are connected in the LBBP Slot-2.