Does any one know how to display log file names in tems discovery?

Any one knows how to display log file names in tems discovery…And how to plot them?

You can get if from right panel of discovery after select any part of log file from map veiw …

Thanks. But I want to merge all log files and by device label and then want to figure out the bad patches and to remove those log files and redrive and log files again.

You are asking how to merge logs or how to lcheck which logs you got issues?

I have merged the log files plot is displayed But i need how to check which log file has got issues and bad patches

You just need to show the point details then click on the bad event or rf then it will show you in the upper right side of the point details

Instead of clicking it one by one can i plot the log files name just like in mapinfo and actix. And when I click the right corner just show me time not the log file name

I dont remember if it can be shown in but try checking it in file info.

Can you show me the entire view of your TD?

I dont see much details but try “file info” inside the log file

Brother i want to display the log file name on map plot. To remove bad patches by log file names.

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Yup im on it, try checking in advance pre-defined

I can suggest … but do you have any user defined script. Or you are using pre defined script ?

There is no predefined script brother for log file. How do I use this?

Ok will share screenshot…2min

Thanks …waiting

Log file names in map view

But it is through user defined script

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Kindly extract this script…And share to me as well . Can you extract it brother?

Sorry Bro… Password protected …