Does any network uses CSI-RS for Layer3 Measurements instead of SSB?

Hello Guys,
I have one question:
Does any network uses CSI-RS for Layer3 Measurements instead of SSB?
I mean CSI-RS is configured in MeasOject in NR cell…

If beam refinement is enabled, yes.

Yes, with beam refinement only we can use it.

Do you have any sample configuration of Measurement object configured with CSI-RS that you can share?

Which IE are you looking after?


At least for the rrcReconfigurations I have, I don’t see this one.
Basically NW configures all nzp_CSI-RS and changes reportQuantity.

                              nzp-CSI-RS-ResourceId 49,
                                frequencyDomainAllocation row1 : '0001'B,
                                nrofPorts p1,
                                firstOFDMSymbolInTimeDomain 11,
                                cdm-Type noCDM,
                                density three : NULL,
                                  startingRB 36,
                                  nrofRBs 124
                              powerControlOffset 4,
                              powerControlOffsetSS db0,
                              scramblingID 891,
                              periodicityAndOffset slots40 : 1,
                              qcl-InfoPeriodicCSI-RS 3

                              reportConfigId 0,
                              resourcesForChannelMeasurement 0,
                              csi-IM-ResourcesForInterference 11,
                              reportConfigType periodic : 
                                  reportSlotConfig slots320 : 53,
                                      uplinkBandwidthPartId 1,
                                      pucch-Resource 21
                              reportQuantity cri-RI-PMI-CQI : NULL,

And changes reportQuantity to CRI-PMI-CQI instead of SSB-RSRP.

These messages are used for L1 Reports, but Network can also configure CSI-RS for L3-RRC Measurement reports.

I don’t see that on the LOGs I have.

Anyway, tThanks for looking.
I don’t think the Networks right now have deployed this option.

Maybe is this what you are looking for?

Csi-rs configured under MeasObject.

I am looking for this config:

@samohiuddin major OEMs use SSB only for initi cell acquisition , cell reselection and connected mode mobility scenarios. However, there is a provision in most of OEMs to have CSI-RS configured for connected mode based mobility through some configurable parameters but most of still follow SSB based measurements. But I heard Ericsson uses CSI-RS based measurements for connected based mobility in some markets.
Hope this helps. Thank you.

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