Does any LTE UE support more than UL CA 2CC?

Hello Experts,
I have a question on LTE ULCA.

Does any current (commercial) UE support more than UL CA 2CC (aggregation of 2 component carriers in UPLINK)?

Qualcomm LTE modem X24/ mobile chipset snapdragon 855 support UL CA 3x20Mhz.
But I have checked some phones using this chipset via, just support 2x20Mhz UL CA, not found any UE support 3 CC UL.

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I don’t know any Qualcomm UE support 3CC UL but there is one known Mediatek device: Oukitel WP10 (WP10_EEA) | 4G/5G Bands & Combos .

But then try find RAN support because I think there is no RAN support more than 2CC? Or is there?

Yes. From this site, the UE support 3CC UL in band 40/41.
Modem is mtk dimensity 800, I think UE power capacity is high. If 1cc is 23dm, 3cc may be ~28dbm.
I remember Huawei support lte 5cc UL CA, DL 7CC.

2CC is normally inter-band CA.
UE should have higher power capacity, such as 26dbm.
This is one difficulty.

This is chipset 3CC specs, but commercial UE using X24 just support 2CC: