Does an unanswered call affect CSSR?


In a 2G/3G voice call, if the called side does not answer the call by whatever reason, this missed call will affect the CSSR? Aside from the situation where the call is answered and both parties can talk, what other situations might happen where the call is not really established but the CSSR is not affected?


In RAN side, CSSR KPI is to evaluate RAN capability to setup dedicated signaling and traffic channels for users ( calling & called).
Even if called users not answer, but dedicated traffic channel is already successfully allocated to this user, so CSSR KPI is not afected.
Cases that calls are not established but CSSR not affected such as: paging failure to sent to called UE or paging response failure, called UE not send RRC conn request, so from user experience call-set-up is failed but from KPI view, CSSR is not affected because no RRC-attempt by called users.