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XCHANGING IDEAS #43 Global 5G Evolution (Follow Our Page) - hashtag#5g Key Highlights!

Kaneshwaran Govindasamy, KL, Malaysia - How Digital 3D Fashion Increase Data Usage for Telcos
Hammad Hussain - MBA , Bonn, Germany - CSPs 5G Monetization
Maya ES, Mannheim, Germany - The Future of Fashion in the Metaverse
TRACY GREENAN ★, New York, USA - The Future of Monetization for Brands is in Gaming
Victor Kmita, Nicosia, Cyprus - Digital Service Platform as a Revenue-Generating model for Telcos
Olivia Lee, Hong Kong- Digital fashion and the Future of Retail, iCommerce
Dr. Hanane Oumina Ph.D Oumina, London, UK - 5G IoT potential and Carbon Aware Native Applications
Kapil Mittal, London, UK - How 5G can be Leveraged by Drones Industry

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