Do you know the reason of standard power 2W/MHz?

Dear all.

Do you know the reason of standard power 2W/MHz?

Because anyway Uplink link budget would not allow more than this.

Link budget is always Uplink limited so Downlink TX power is not an issue.

For TDD or FDD or same for both?

I read somewhere it say: with standard power, UL less than DL about 5-6 dB.

So I think 2 reasons:

  • If much higher than 2W/MHz: UL coverage is much less than DL coverage.
  • If lower than 2W/MHz: operator must invest more sites, not good.

Hi…1. Let us take 20mHz then 40w is ideal RF planning for DL to equate with UL. Also this reduced UL interference when you have cell site density in Sub Urban scenario.
2. Many EMF regulation also restricts <40w per band to have power control and/or health hazards as they indirectly say.
3.Have you seen during GSM days in low band 20 watts was a norm dur to have less interference and longer coverages.
4. When W/CDMA came then power increased initially then reduced for 2w for pilot config.

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