Hey guys, i’m new here, hope to find some explanation and maybe a solution!
Here’s the problem I faced last week…

Subscriber is attached to 4G network, present on PGW, but, he was not able to surf the internet.

In Create session request, UE was not asking for IPv4 DNS address, only for IPv6 DNS address. 1 day before, I can see on traces that both IP versions were requested in PCO(PGW replies with IPv4 DNS address) . As we don’t have DNS on IPv6 configured in our network, PCO was returned emty, therefore data was not available.
Problem was solved by itself 1 day after…

Some other colleagues are saying the UE is faulty, I doubt, since it was ok so long time…and after this problem.

Hope that one of you already experienced this and a solution or root cause is right next to the corner.

Thanks in advance,

Try to change APN type to IPv4 only in UE Setting

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In APN setting there is APN protocol which was dual stack during testing or it was single IPV6/4?

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At the moment of the problem I did not checked that, but, I checked now, it is IPv4 only.

This doesn’t mean that on create session req should be visible only the req of IPv4 DNS? Is like UE is sharing it’s capabilities…