DL ok with 273 RBs but UL with only 208 RBs

Hello LTE/5G Experts.

In 5G cell I give my basestation in DL 273 and UL 273 RBs in my configuration.
On UE I see total DL RBs is 273 so it’s okay.
But for UL RBs I see UL RBs is 208 which basestation assigned to the UE although I configured 273 ULRBs.

Any idea why? I’m with SINR 34.

I see only 208 RBs in UL at UE although configured to the cell UL RBs 273.

You may have asymmetric bandwidth e.g. DL = 20 MHz and UL = 15 MHz.

But I configure in XML of the cell 273 for UL and DL RBs (100 MHz supported)

gNB may have enabled UL BWP to UE.

Sorry, didn’t understand.
In UL BWP I configured UL RBs 273. But my issue that I get only 208 RBs in UL…

BWP means Bandwidth part.
Not your cell bandwidth.

Yes in my case I configured only 1 BWP in UL and it is configured with 273 UL RBs.
My issue that gNB gives UE like 208 RBs only.
In DL its okay it gives 273 RBs.

So I shall see total UL RBs on UE like 273 RBs.
But all what I see is 208 UL RBs gNB gave the UE.
Although UL RBs index is from 0 to 272.

Which message is showing UL as 208 RB’s at UE?

In NSW app.

Maybe in UL, default BWP of UL with PUCCH, PUSCH common take too much RB.
Later UE is assigned RB from dedicated BWP less than full BW.