DL EARFCN Change in LTE causing Traffic loss


We changed DLEARFCN in LTE.(Single Layer LTE network)
Same Band : 800 in pre and post, and 10Mhz in both pre and post.
Only change is DL EARFCN from 6400 to 6299
And defined new EARFCN in 2G and 3G and also changed UCELLNFREQPRIOINFO
Its a Huawei Equipment
We lost Traffic in LTE and is shifted to 3G

Can Any one suggest please if Iam missing anythig.


Make sure from 3g side to define the new freq with the same parameters in UCELLNFREQPRIOINFO like the old EARFCN and not come up with the default values

Priority, threshold low/high, rxlevmin and so on

Make sure to declare this new EARFCN in the EUTRANNFREQ too.

This scenario is possible in cases where UE’s are unable to reselect to the new carrier.
eARFCN change must have been done on a cluster. Please ensure all cluster border cells (buffer area) has new ARFCN added for reselection in all techs.

Thanks a lot, I checked, Today delete and created with new DLEARFCN and rest of the parameters i set as per PRE. i am monitoring

Hi, Thanks

We have 2 MOs related to this


These MOs are not configured in PRE as well

Hi Thanks.

We changed in complete City, and the different EARFCN present 200kms far