DL Comp Feature

Greetings Experts
Has anyone here already activated DLCOMP in Ericsson?


dlCompId 1
dlCompMeasRprtMaxSinr 60
dlCompMeasRprtMinSinr -20

Does it only need this MO ?
Or Group Creation is needed?

We have licensed for scattering sites in different location so I want to activate this feature but I have doubt is there anything needed for configuration part or not

Yes, but no gain in KPI as in UL Comp.

Once I activated UL Comp I could achieve improvement in UL Throughput.

Yes, it’s very good for cell-edge UL performance.

Is it good in a multi-carrier sites?
And 4x4 MIMO?

UL Comp really works very good in intra-freq enviroments.

Honestly I did not check it MIMO level wise.

Thanks. We are trying to improve UL Throughput.
So one feature that I saw is the UlComp.
But I have not tested yet.

Do you mean one carrier site?
No other frequency band in site?

It works per carrier.
Carrier 1, you create ul-comp group1 with 3 sectors from that carrier 1.
Carrier 2, you create ul-comp group2 with 3 sectors from that carrier 2.

Okay understood.
Thanks for the info!