DL BLER can be more then 20% with DL SINR better then 30

Hi Experts.
Anyone knows in 5G NSA Lab environment how DL BLER can be more then 20% even for low DL MCS as 10 and in the same time DL SINR better then 30?

Any error in backhaul media?

Hmm why you are suspecting on backaul?
I mean, this should be on MAC level.

Check UL RF condition, might be no/wrong ack/nack received in UL.

If SINR is 30, then we can say RF condition is excellent.
For good performance, backhaul should be error and congestion free.

Yes @shamshad, but Iā€™m trying to understand the relation between high BLER on MAC layer and the errors on the backhaul which carries higher layer protocols.

P0 may be too low so ACK is not recieved

Maybe UL interference is high or UE has incompability problem with the cell configuration, it can not decode DL data then bler is high.

PIM was the problem


You mean PMI?

PIM (Passive Intermodulation)

If due to PIM, I just wonder why sinr is still good > 30dB.

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