DL and UL PRB in TDD mode and FDD mode

Dear all, I have basic query I didn’t find anywhere on Internet…

In 5G with 30 kHz SCS, 100 MHz we have 273 PRB so question is:
Are these PRB count are same in UL and DL if we go in TDD mode or in FDD mode?

As per TM1.1 test model we take 273 PRB in DL and 51 PRB in UL.
What is the concept behind this configuration?

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Why this difference in PRB UL and DL?
No such limitation from 3gpp.

What is TM1.1 test model?

It’s test model defined in 3gpp 38.104.

This is because it’s specified in Open RAN spec wg4 cus v2.

Ok. So Open RAN specs mention difference in PRB.

Yes, correct.

Is it because of different BW?
Like SUL scenarios?

Nope. It’s in TDD mode.

Test Models are defined only for DL, not for UL.

Yeah, for UL we have FRC like G-Fr1-A2-5 for different QAMs.

Which pattern that been use for DL/UL?
Since this will be impactedcto PRB that will use.
Which range THP u get for DL/UL…