DISH 5G: Project Genesis: Motorola Edge+

Hello Everyone,

I recently received a Motorola Edge+ 2023 from Dish Project Genesis. The UE has a Boost SIM card and also has an eSIM for Dish. When examining the Phone Information from the dialer code menu, it gives the following information when locked to NR/LTE on both “phones.”

IMEI: 359308…
eSIM EID: Unknown
ICCID: 890141…
IMSI: 310410…
Current Network: DISH Wireless
Data Service: Disconnected
Data Network Type: LTE
Voice Service: In service
Voice Network Type: LTE

IMEI: 359308…
eSIM EID: 890330…
ICCID: 891051…
IMSI: 313340…
Current Network: DISH Wireless
Data Service: Connected
Data Network Type: NR_SA
Voice Service: Out of service
Voice Network Type: Unknown

When I look at an App like “NetMonster” it only shows that the phone is using AT&T LTE Bands and channels and gives no information about the Dish 5G Network. If I disable the Boost SIM “phone0” then the UE will not access any network. If I lock the phones to NR only, then NetMonster displays “Not even a single cell” but I am still able to access data services.

Can anyone give me some insight into how Dish is providing this service via AT&T/Boost or other providers? My assumption is that the LTE network is giving access to Dish’s cloud 5G service. Is the UE connecting to the Dish 5G Network band n71 that is broadcasting in my area?