Disable transmit power of some subframes to exceeds the expected maximum transmit power

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Do you have any idea reagarding this sentences in LTE?

There is a probability that the transmit power of some subframes exceeds the expected maximum transmit power. This function must be disabled in countries or regions where the instantaneous power is prohibited from exceeding the power limit.

When you run an MML command to change this option setting, a message will be displayed, indicating that the modification will have severe impact on the system. Cell services will be interrupted if you change this option setting during network operation.

I want to know how can we disable this function.

Downlink power control algorithm switch.


It is recommended that EDlMaxTXPwrSwitch be turned on for single-mode single-carrier RRUs, and be turned off for multimode or multi-carrier RRUs.

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Thanks dear hainm
In our network we have L1800&DCS1800, L2100&U2100 and two L2600 carrier by this senarios just we can implement on L2600 cells?

Tanks dear, regarding note part still this is complicated for my which mention in some countries and region must be disable, what must be disable? This switch?

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