Disable/enable CQI report

Hello Experts.
Can CQI report be disabled and enabled?

The CQI report is mandatory.

Yes I think.
Only If CDRX is enabled and UE is in sleeping mode due to CDrX acitivity, UE shall not send CQI

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes. In case you go to sleep mode I think will not send CQI.

Yes it can be from protocol perspective.

So how do I validate if my UE sends CQI reports or not?
I see in my DL adaptation innerloop enabled (outerloop disabled) the MCS that basestation give the UE is constant, its like MCS 5 although SINR is very high, and in all situation (RF condition) in innerloop MCS is 5 constant.

check enodeB configurations, it may set fixed MCS as 5, not adaptive DL MCS.

By which command ?

Is that happening in different sites or specific site?
And which vendor?