Disable DRX for 5G FWA users only

Hi Experts.

Normally on LTE450 cells we switch off DRX in 4G.

In 5G, is there any feature to disable 5G DRX on user basis only for FWA users?

Good to mention: in a cell, both handsets and FWA all together but I want to disable DRX only for FWA users.

Disable DRX for 5G FWA users

Can you move fwa to a specific QCI based on user type / msisdn?

If so, you can turn OFF DRX for FWA serving QCI.

Yes, but that require Core support… very long story. :wink:

What is your suggestion for QCI for FWA?

We use QCI9 for MBB devices handset.

Everywhere Core team is a villain. :laughing:

QCI 7 in 5G has better latency budget.

You can use QCI 8 as well.

I see thanks bud. I don’t see any scheduler feature to distinguish FWa users.

Maybe in Huawei :slight_smile: But not in Nokia

If we can distinguish QCI then many features working based on QCI that could help better performance for FWA.

Except DRX.

Mobility also :slight_smile:

I can disable mobility for FWA based on QCI.

Do you see any more benefit?

5-9 is non GBR QCI.

Mostly operators uses 8 / 9 for internet services.

But this all depends upon the operator which QCI they want to map for their services (Depending upon the packet loss, packet delay and priority).

Why except DRX?

Even in Nokia, you can enable functionalities selectively on the basis of QCI.

Besides drx, I know drx can be configured based on QCI.

Asking what could be the benefit of passing to QCI based design for FWA?

I have to find more benefits to convince core to do that :slight_smile:

It is not easy mate.

Then go with QCI 8…

Everything is same except priority.

But what benefits you are expecting with disabling DRX on FWA?

Better Latency and Throughput.

Separating QCI is a headache :face_with_thermometer:

First Core needs to distinguish devices, special APN must be linked to QCI8

And in RAN we create QCI8.

I think I will wait for NR Slicing :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face:… That’s your thought…

Share once you achieve it with NR slicing.

Why I do believe this: Latency for sure to be improved, as UE will not go to drx sleep.

2nd PUCCH reports carrying CSI reports will be more accurate as UE does not need to go sleep also, which is essential for DL throughput.

What is your thought?

Creating QCI8 in RAN will make it work straighforward end to end?

You really think so? :slight_smile:

Of course you need to involve Core team.

I meant the logical splitting of network resources is humanly exhaustive for services profiling, achieving the runtime efficiencies.

You will need a lot of self programmable or AI based OSS and BSS functions to achieve network slicing.

Yet possible and may be an overkill.

While just updating a few mapping tables at the Core and TXn level is much easier.

Because DRX set in cell level, select in UE level is not possible, currently (may be there will be this kind of feature next day).

Alternative solution :

  1. Set FWA service in specific QCI, then set DRX Profile (disabling) in specific QCI related to FWA.
  2. Set the ability of DRX Off in FWA by Over The Air using software update (if supplied by single vendor, then would be easy).

Other experts can continue.:blush:

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If using different slices for eMBB and FWA than it may be possible.

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