Digital Twin in Telecommunications

Hello Experts.

When you start reading Digital Twin, below are some of the topics which need an answer:
What is Digital Twin?
How does Digital Twin work’s?
What are its components and Types?
What is the specialty of Digital Twin and why it will or is Gaining Popularity?
Where is Digital Twin in Telecom?
Use cases of Digital Twin?
Cloud-Enabled Digital Twin?

Read it for very crisp and clear information. It can explain it well & also useful in interview question & answer to it.


This is exactly what we do is SAS, since long time.

Can you share more details?

These are Use Case for different domains we do for operators (mobile - 5G, VOLTE, 4G… - and fixed) with “What if” scenarios included

True… but as scale, quickness and diversity coming… need of new cloud based solution. :slightly_smiling_face:
Plus: Telecom in Virtual trials and test is still untouch.

Our solutions are already on cloud.