Different predicted coverage for different frequencies in Atoll

Hi Planning experts.

My friend is facing an issue in Atoll, and asked me for help.

He is planning for 2100 & 700.

But 2100 coverage is larger & better than 700!

So which parameter he needs to check for resolving this issue?

Antenna file, antenna Parameters, Power Parameters, Radius or any other thing?



Propagation model seems to be a bit out of place.

You can ask your friend to use Aster/Crosswave propagation model and select frequency dependent parameters judiciously.

Is this result of indoor or outdoor prediction?


So is this a problem of Model selection or Parameter selection?

Antenna tilt all layer are the same condition?

Yes, all same.

Kindly check first (if all parameter power node B configuration on each layer all the same):

Antenna Parameter (usually in atoll each frequency has different configuration, gain & beam pattern).