Different LTE carriers in the same bandwidth

Does it possible to have different LTE carriers in the same bandwidth part but with different bandwidth and earfcn?
For example 2 LTE1800 carriers in the same bandwidth part, one is 20MHz BW, another is 15MHZ BW but with different earfcn?Will it interefere each other?
If i have 25MHz of contigious bandwidth, i’ll will try to deploy one carrier 20MHz with its earfcn, another carrier with 15Mhz and its earfcn, and the third one with 10Mhz with its own earfcn.
All carriers have different earfcn, but in spectrum domain 20Mhz and 15Mhz are completely overlapping…

It interfere each other, you can’t deploy carriers this way. If you have 25 MHz of contiguous bandwidth, you can, for example deploy carrier 20 MHz with its EARFCN and another carrier with 5 MHz with its EARFCN - this configuration will be ok because not overlapping.

Hi experts,

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Like I have L1800, can I have 2 carriers in this band? Say I have 20 MHz BW.

Yes, you can have 2 or more carrier in same band depend on division of bandwidth.

If you have 20 MHz, you can use it 10 + 10 MHz.

But what are you seeking with this split of bandwidth?

I was just wondering, but now I know it’s not recommended to do this split.