Different coverage prediction model

Hi All,
Different coverage model used in Atoll…
Hata and cross wave
Any other for coverage?
For Capacity it is Monte Carlo. Any other?

Recently Crosswave and Aster.
They are the best.

Crosswave is for mountain areas.
What about Aster?

No, both fit for all types of clutters.
They are very powerful models.
Crosswave developped by Orange lab.
Aster has been developed by Forsk itself.

Which is best for coverage prediction?
Hata or Aster?

Aster supports also the mmWave.

Hata is a standard one.
Crosswave and Aster been developed with advanced algorithms.

Do you mean Cost Hata?

Yes, Cost Hata.

MU-MIMO beamforming canot be supported by Hata.

One more thing, both of them (Crosswave and Aster) support 3D map vectors, this helps a lot to increase your prediction accurracy in a dense scenario.
New functionalites introduced in 5G are all considered with these new Models.

So these are in which Atoll version?

To support 5G you need at least 3.4.
And the models are like addons, you will purchase and install them on top of the tool.

Which version onwards support Cross wave and Aster?

Aster, if you don’t have 5G, Atoll 3.4 and onwards, no need to get it.
It is powerful and recommended with 5G.
Crosswave I guess it has been ontroduced in 2013, at that time Atoll version was 2.3.

And for Capacity we have Monte Carlo.
Any other? In LTE?

Yes, Monte Carlo is the algorithm only, it needs the model in the calculation of pathloss, and hence the signal quality.
So even Monte Carlo calculation can be improved a lot if you use the proper and the advanced model.

It can a good prediction for users prediction Traffic Volume and so on.

My recomendation, before that version you will deal only with LTE, Crosswave is enough.

Cross wave and cross hata, what is major difference?
Cost hata traditionally do not support 3D.

Cross hata uses the standard hata formula with some improvement.
Crosswave is based on sole algorithms develppped in Orange france Labs.

Is Cross wave supported by Atoll?
Or is it different?