Differences between ASON and WASON

What are the differences between ASON and WASON?


Automatically Switched Optical Network(ASON) is a next-generation optical network that has the following features:

  1. Users initiate a service request dynamically.

  2. Routes are selected automatically.

  3. Signaling controls the creation and release of connections.

  4. Network connections are automatically and dynamically completed.

  5. Switching and transmission are integrated into one system.


WDM/OTN Automatically Switched Optical Network(WASON )–Automatic Switched Optical Network Based on WDM/OTN

It has the following features and functions, which you can check on Huawei OSN 1800 OSN8800 documents.

OptiX OSN 1800 8800 9800 ASON User Guide (NCE) 06

Differences between ASON and WASON

ASON is a traditional automatic switching transport network that integrates switching and transport. WASON refers to the ASON technology-oriented to WDM/OTN optical networks.

In addition to the ASON function, the WASON also supports automatic wavelength adjustment during rerouting and optimization, effectively resolving wavelength conflicts. Supports route calculation policies based on optical parameters to automatically exclude paths that do not meet optical parameter requirements.