Difference between RSSI and RTWP

Hello Experts,
Can you please help us to understand RSSI and RTWP difference?


Sharing knowledge for RTWP:
LTE RTWP / UL Interfrence is very important to improve Accessibility, Retainability & Integrity KPI.

Watch the video to understand it causes and solutions to keep network out of trouble.

Same question but addition how it relate with MIMO.

RSSI counter is used in Ericsson and RTWP in Nokia.
For Huawei, i haven’t work but i saw a picture where both terms are used.

This will impact drop and throughput its alarm needs to be solved.
Hardware alarm.

In ericsson system too we are getting RSSI readings by mfi command or noise tool & getting RTWP by running cabx command.

Internal interf
Better to resolve hardware
Chk dspvswr too

That’s a difference in the received power between the ports in the RRU.
You need to check por connectors, the readings should be the same on all sector ports.