Difference between offsetToCarrier and offsetToPointA in 5G SA/NSA

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Could you please explain the difference between offsetToCarrier and offsetToPointA? Both look quite similar to me, would appreciate if someone can explain the difference.


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Offsettocarrier is the offset from absolutefrequrncypointA.
When offsetcarrier is Non-zero value then CRB will start from offsettocarrier.

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Hi, Hope this will make you more clear.

offsetToCarrier : Offset in frequency domain between Point A (lowest subcarrier of common RB 0) and the lowest usable subcarrier on this carrier in number of PRBs (using the subcarrierSpacing defined for this carrier).

offsetToPointA : The offset in PRB between the Point A and the lowest subcarrier of the lowest PRB of the cell-defining SSB after floating SSB is resolved.

absoluteFrequencyPointA : Absolute frequency position of the reference resource block (Common RB 0). Its lowest subcarrier is also known as Point A.

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