Difference between N.NsaDc.InterSgNB.PSCell.Change.Att and N.HO.IntraFreq.IntragNB.PrepAttOut

Hi Experts,
In NSA, what the difference between N.NsaDc.InterSgNB.PSCell.Change.Att and N.HO.IntraFreq.IntragNB.PrepAttOut?

I´ve N.NsaDc.InterSgNB.PSCell.Change.Att but I don´t have N.HO.IntraFreq.IntragNB.PrepAttOut.


Not sure, but i can see following difference in counters:
N.NsaDc.InterSgNB.PSCell.Change.Att --> this is cell change, triggered by SgNB
N.HO.IntraFreq.IntragNB.PrepAttOut --> this is HO, triggered by MR

Why 2 different terminology here in NR we called is spcell change only?

I am not sure that N.HO.IntraFreq.IntragNB.PrepAttOut is an NSA counter.
Looks more like an SA counter.

I got this explanation:

In the NSA network, there is no gNB handover, only gNB Change ==> N.NsaDc.InterSgNB.PSCell.Change.Att

In the SA network, there is gNB handover ==> N.HO.IntraFreq.Ng.IntergNB.PrepAttOut/N.HO.IntraFreq.Xn.IntergNB.PrepAttOut