Difference between MoShell 18 and MoShell 19 or 20 (in Ericsson)?

Hi All,
For Ericsson Moshell’s users:
Someone can tel me the delta between MoShell 18 and MoShell 19 or 20?

Main difference is ENM and L20 support I think.

Thanks a lot.
Tell me, do you know what shell commands exists in MoShell20 and do not exists in prior Moshell?
Example “sdi” command, which is user for cpri connection test over the rbs6000 family.

On every Moshell release check the installation folder for 2 files:

UserGuide.pdf: contains all the information on installation, commands, and their syntax.

ReleaseHistory.txt: contains specific information on changes and new commands.

Good luck!

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