Difference among throughputs?

Hi Experts,

Here are different types of throughputs, some vendors see PDSCH throughput, some vendors see MAC throughput.

  • PDSCH throughput
  • DL MAC throughput
  • DL RLC throughput
  • DL PDCP throughput

Why & what is the difference among these?

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For me, I always refer DL-MAC throughput, because what if there’s drop between PDCP and RLC.

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Each layer have its own headers and retransmissions.

There are HARQ retransmissions at MAC layer, and RLC retransmissions at RLC layer.

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Which throughput is higher?


It is PDSCH.

How? Can you please explain?

I think it is MAC!

All retransmission ACK and NA CK by MAC layer. Am I correct?

And contain Header of PDCP RLC

It’s higher layer.

The PDSCH channel is the main data bearing channel which is allocated to users on a dynamic and opportunistic basis.

The PDCH is also used QAM based on user traffic.

Shared ch for active connxn.

See some values below:

I can see MAC Throughptu is greater then PDCP.

So how do we know when we use PDSCH Throughput and when MAC/ PDCP/Application?

You should use App Throughput.

This is what end user gets.

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Ok, thank you!

I think MAC throuput is higher cuse in there’s is Chanel coding and rate matching.

There’s more padding, which limits throuput.

In this Picture MAC Throughput is less than other and Application Throughput is N/a?

How do we understand this?

What is the BLER?

What is the RLC mode?

If RLC mode is UM and BLER is very high.