Device supporting more than 4CC on FR2?

Hello Experts,
Does any device or modem support more than 4CC on FR2?

I checked on cacombos but no info about mmwave UE capability of supporting more than 4CC in FR2.

In 5G I think maximum 2CC in FR2.

Does 5123 support 8CA as mentioned on Exynos website?

X55 page also says 8 carrier support in mmWave:

Yes indeed, it is max 2x2 mimo in FR2.
(I confused max MIMO with max CC for FR2)

Yes so max CC can be more than 4 on any commercial device?

In mmwave? Just check cacombos and see some examples there…

Thanks @RFSpecialist, that was my first try.
But I see only max 4CC for most devices.
So next question is why commercial devices limited to 4CC in FR2 even though Modem supports, is this antenna limitation or some other reasons?

Me too, max 4 I see for Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra 5g:

Instead of 8x100 MHz I think it is better to get 4x200 MHz, right?

No need to have 8 CC.

In ideal conditions, yes.
Just looking for reason behind this.

There’s plenty of spectrum in mmwave.
Operators can easily deploy 200 MHz carrier bandwidth no constraints for this from spectrum auction point of view.
No small pieces of spectrum like FR1.

Thanks :+1:t2:.
I thought earlier that maybe there was some Antenna or Interference related reasons.

Maybe there is.
I am not aware just shared my thoughts with you.

I’m curious to see how MTP Battery life will be impacted by mmWav traffic on worst radio channel conditions.
I’m really not a firm believer on FR2.

4 x 100 MHz 4CA in mmWave is what we have seen till now in X50 chipset device Samsung S10 5G.

Not sure which UE is able to handle 800 MHz transmission for more than 5 minutes in poor RF!

Let me remind of the Thermal Radio fails in mmWave phones…

Never timed it, but it’s the physics behind it.
And they do get warm (a clear sign of lower energy efficiency).

I mean uplink transmission in 800 MHz.

To be very honest, if I had to chose a day to day phone these days, I’d go with FR1 only. :slight_smile:
There’ll be a moment where 5GNR (FR1+2) coverage is ubiquitous and UE will make sporadic use of FR2.
On this case, I can buy it.
And pathloss is tremendous, affecting service continuity if radio channel is mobile.

I will wait for X60 smartphones.