Developer Community - CAMARA

CAMARA project defines CAMARA APIs, with a contribution-driven approach and in collaboration with the developer community

TMForum develops the Operate APIs, as an evolution of its Open APIs, working jointly with aggregator & developer platform owners, to facilitate their integration with the operator’s NaaS Platforms

Several SDOs cover the different technology domains that provide the telco capabilities, through Technology-specific APIs, that are exposed by CAMARA- Broadband Forum (Home & fixed access networks), O-RAN (Radio access network), IETF & ONF (Transport networks), 3GPP (Radio access & core networks), ETSI (network function virtualization), Cloud Native Computing Foundation (container management), etc. These SDOs provide exposure functions to be able to interact with the network systems from external platforms

Service scope
The service scope of the CAMARA Project, to the following activities:

  • Collect API requirements from GSMA OPG (Operator Platform Group, a GSMA group that defines the reference architecture & requirements of the platform the operators use to expose their capabilities to Customers via APIs) & other sources. That can be a (prioritized) list of API families seen as useful for the customers, a functional description of the APIs (attributes, function, result), and also non-functional requirements for the APIs (response time, scalability, performance, etc.). All APIs developed within GSMA/OPG & contributed to the CAMARA Project will be developed under Apache-2.0

  • Define Service APIs and Service Management APIs (e.g. by Swagger) & create test plan / cases & tools from a business and API consumer perspective

  • Develop Service APIs & Service Management APIs

  • Create test cases and perform verifications and tests from developer perspective (to show that the Service APIs, the Service Management APIs & the transformation functions have been developed correctly)

  • Create developer friendly documentation for Service APIs & Service Management APIs

  • Test Service APIs & Service Management APIs from business and customer perspective (validation) in telco network(s)

  • Create deployment packages for Service APIs & Service Management APIs

  • Create a reference architecture for Service APIs and Service Management APIs (if possible preferred solution is to refer to an existing architecture)

  • Define a standard API lifecycle, development and test process including tools for the project

The following deliverables are provided by the CAMARA Project:

  • Service API and Service Management API definitions and documentation
  • Optionally Service API and Service Management API code (reference implementation for transformation functions) and
  • Test plans, cases and tools

both contained in deployment packages. In addition a

  • Reference architecture for Service APIs and Service Management APIs
  • Description of the standard API lifecycle, development & test process
    is created