Deutsche Telekom - Private 5G Solution Oerview

:rocket: Deutsche Telekom has always been at the forefront of innovation, and their latest offering of a Private 5G Solution is nothing short of groundbreaking :boom:. With this new service model as a part of the solution, businesses will have access to their very own 5G network :signal_strength:, allowing them to take full advantage of this technology’s incredible speeds :zap: and reliability :shield:. At the same time, operate the Public 5G Service on the same campus for the standard public services :office: for the public or people present on the campus :walking_woman::walking_man:.

This solution is an exciting development for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve :globe_with_meridians: and embrace the latest digital solutions :computer:. Furthermore, the hybrid service model offers incredible flexibility :man_in_lotus_position:, allowing businesses to customize their network to suit their needs :control_knobs:.

Picture Source: DT