Deploy TDD on existing FDD Network

Hi All ,
Currently working in network with 4 FDD Band: 700,1800, 2100 and 2600.
Now operator already have TDD 2600 Band spectrum.
In case we want to deploy TDD on my existing network, what are major point I need to keep in mind?
What are possible positive and negative side?

Initially you need to see layer management strategy.
Idle mode and connected mode parameters, priority to TDD.

Ok, How about the hardware side?
Does we need separate Antenna to separate TDD 2600 Band?

In samsung, no need.
There using multiband antenna for TDD and FDD.
Not sure about other vendors.

It is recommended to have LTE +NR hardware especially AAU. Also keep in mind that B41 is going to use as NR n41 in 1-2 year down the line.

Usually, operator is having 40, 60, 80 Mhz in B41 so it can be used as capacity layer to improve experience of existing FDD layers (B1 & B3).

Later, it will be used as NR (n78+n41) so keep coverage and capacity aspect of 5G while deploying TDD 2.6 presently.

TDD requires a synchronized network, what is not needed for FDD. Remember that!