Degraded RTWP with fine KPI on high loaded sites in Nokia 3G network

I have an old problem on my network 3g Nokia, as in high loaded sites and hotespot, rtwp is very degraded and remaining kpi are fine. From end user si de no body can access to network. Please advice.

This post is transcribed from the LTE Whatsapp group

You can try the following:
1 - Disable 2ms TTI HSUPA,Change CQIFeedbackcycle to 6 or 8ms
2- You can change the RACH parameters to reduce access power. SIR adjustment may also help to reduce the RTWP

Thx. We have used meh and tunned rach param├Ętres and no 2ms tti but problem still not resolved. Rtwp is degrading from -100 to -80 dbm