Degradation in intra frequency HOSR after changing Pb values

Hi Experts.

Recently we changed the Pb values from 1 or 2 to 0 for the cells where Pa is 0.
No change in the RS power.
After the change we saw degradation in intra frequency HOSR.
Intra frequency HO attempt increased by 12%.

What could be the reason for this?

Initial Value:;Pa = 0, Pb= 1 /2
Optimized Value: Pa = 0, Pb=0
No change in the RS power

In this case Pa = Pb, crs power = pdsch power, the cell will capture traffic earlier, attempts would increase.

Check also RRC attempts, traffic…if any increase is seen.

CRS power is same, the PDCCH/PDSCH power will increase by 0.97 dB as compared to the RS power.