Default or recommended values for clutter classification to be used on Atoll

Hello Experts.

Is there any default or recommended values for Prediction inputs to be used on Atoll?

This should be carefully done based on proper model tuning, isn’t it?


Default propagation model is used.

I want to compare what I have with the numbers used by others, specially for clutter classification rural / urban etc

If you are using Atoll, you can use default Aster / Crosswave models to check difference with fiedl results.

Done and still having a noticeable delta with 12% stand dev.

Issue is: clutter heights for DU category of New York and Mumbai (for example) will be different.

So the city whose tuning is under consideration should be judged accordingly.

If you have site panoramic snaps, it can give you good idea to choose height.

Yes I understand.

Heights is no issue for me.

My main concern is with clutter class and Indoor loss.

You can even do tuning with drive test logs.

Already done that.

Still having a variance, from visual inspection I find if I change some clutter class type from urban to dense urban for example, things might change for better but not for all areas…

So I wanted to know how others usually classify this before i go into that route.