Dedicated spectrum for LTE private networks

Hello Experts.

For LTE private network, do you think it must use dedicated spectrum?

More common and likely to use public spectrum.

Because of cost and equipment capabilities.

What you mean dedicated?

Private networks can run on Operator’s spectrum or if organisation own it (highly unlikely) then they can use it.

For instance military owns some spectrum and they run their own private network.

Private network owners can have a license for a dedicated spectrum but they can’t use it commercially.

In US they have what they call “CBRS” band, anyone can use it (following some requirements).

I haven’t seen that in other countries.

Does it work with band 48 there?

For CBRS you you can define cell as CSG cell mainly used in US markets to give access to limited users.

For 5G, public spectrum can be shared for public & private user, with gurantee QoS by slicing.

If 4G use public carrier, how to guarantee QoS of private user?