Dedicated bearer in NSA

Hi, I have a query related to Dedicated bearer in NSA.
Let’s say we attached on LTE cell and then added NR cell as SCG DRBassociated to a dedicated bearer. Now we handover from LTECell1+NRCell1 → LTECell2, and removed NR DRB.
What happens to dedicated bearer now, does it get released implicitly or is it still maintained at network?

My guess is dedicated bearer may continue for the duration of inactivity timer.
If no activity DRB will be released.

Thanks, but it more from EPS bearer point of view.
DRB bearer we are releasing during handover.

timer. If user still has data to transfer then it will stay active and even 5G cell may be added.
If no data then DRB will be teared down.

Dedicated bearer for NON GBR QCI you mean.
I think it’s linked with inactivity timer only.

DRB should be switched from SCG to MCG