Decrease in E-RAB Attempts and Normal releases after adjusting QREXLEVMIN from -60 to -64 (Huawei)

Hi experts,

Basically what the title says. In a consistency exercise we changed some 1600 cells in some clusters of ~5000 that had values -58 or -60 to -64.
The E-RAB attempts are falling around 10% as the E-RAB normal releases with the abnormal releases staying the same. (This is happening only for the cells that had -58 or -60). The result is that the DCR increased a bit.
Also, the traffic is stable/increased somewhat in these cells. Any idea?

Thank you

Tough one without more information I guess. My current theory (due to lack of any other theories :smiley: ) would be that, you may have multiple layers per site.
Qrxlevmin indirectly affects multiple reselection parameters. If the decrease is mainly coming from the TAC border areas, then it may mean that by increasing the borders of the cells, UEs are not moving from TAC1 to TAC2 and viceversa in the same quantity as before (the UEs which are in the cell edge for these borders), causing reduction in the attempts.

If this is not the case and still you lost 10% attempts, then try to identify if any patterns related to specific LTE layer is visible?

Good luck