Dcr _2G huawei

Dear guys,
Imagine you have a cell.
Which doesn’t have ret. Also under laid drop is more. And open area!
What kind of changes you have made in this situation?
Min dl/ul level on candidate cell make the kpi degradation!
Do you add neighbors?
Please share your solutions.

You can check the Traffic distribution based on TA wise failure. If you see the failures are mainly in the higher TAs, you can either downtilt, or use TALIMIT or reduce RxLevaccessmin to restrict the traffic from higher TAs

Dear I told site doesn’t have
Means it’s ret is manual!

Where is TA limit?

You mean TA threshold parameter?
Mainly it should be on what?

I think @rizwankader was very clear.

  1. Ok, you don’t have ret (remote electrical tilt), but is it forbidden to do manual tilt?

  2. You really need to check the TA distribution - basically to check if failures are near or far from site.
    If it is the case (higher failures far from the site - high TA) then you can change parameters, like RxLevaccessmin.

We should take CR audit and it take long time to change manual electril tilt also our discrepancies are high. For example that parameter you said. It is forbidden to change in our network