DCI based BWP switching

Hi all.
Does anyone know which IE UE reports for its support of DCI based BWP switching?
I only can see bwp-SwitchingDelay, but not sure if this is the correct one.


“The switch delay denoted by TBWPswitchDelay for DCI-based BWP switch is defined as the slot offset between the DL slot in which the UE received switch request and the first slot in which the UE shall be able to receive PDSCH (for DL active BWP switch) or transmit PUSCH (for UL active BWP switch) on the new BWP.”

My confusion is this one only talking about delay type only or does it implicitly means it supports DCI based switching?
Because if it is talking just about delay type, it could be for timer based switching also.

It says “AND”.

True, does seems it would support both then.

What is use of this BWP Switching Delay?

Refer to:
8.6.2 DCI and timer based BWP switch delay on a single CC

5G; NR; Requirements for support of radio resource management (3GPP TS 38.133 version 16.5.0 Release 16)