Data speed of one carrier too slow compared to other carrier

Hi All.

In my 5G NSA mobile network there are two carriers defined in n258 band each with 100 MHz band.

Hence the aggregated capacity is 200 MHz.

While doing a speed test we are getting a good data throughput in one carrier.

But on second carrier the data speed is very low like one 4th of first carrier.

What are the checks we need to do with respect to radio part?

Like what radio parameters we need to check.

I would suggest to check if relations from LTE towards 5G C2 has been defined, just like from LTE towards 5G C1

Carrier means an other cell, so u need make sure you have same configuration for both carriers I mean Mimo configuration, target bler, ssb power to make sure they have same coverage, no interference on 2nd carrier check which rank you can reach…