Data session profiling

Hi Experts.

We have observed that post tinactivitytimer changes reduction from 10 seconds in nodes to 5 seconds in Ericsson region.
Paging discards have quadrupled.
Though post changes RRC SSr, E-rab drop rate all improved but had to fallback the changes.
Is there a way or any other feature to tackle this issue like we have in Nokia LTE1819:- Data session profiling.

If you change it further to 2-3 sec then the improved KPIs will improve further but intentionally it’s not kept to 5sec.
This inactivity timer must be greater than timer at MME end which is usually 6-7 sec.
Changing it to 5sec at eNB end causing RRC release early and paging discards increased.

Can you please convey the MME timer are you referring to, paging discard timer in MME T3413 in our case is 5.
Also we changed it in three phases in different towns even with 8 discards were still very high.