Data layer channels in 5G NR

Been into telecom background.
Voice service is given the utmost importance.
And planning and optimizing for better Voice service is the end goal for any organization or Telcom companies.

But in the coming days, 5G deployed world will be more important than ever, through various types of use cases. To enable the service providers to give premium 5G data services will be one of the important task & agenda.

Let us understand the Data layer channels in 5G?

This are the most common question asked in interviews:

· Control Channel ==> Carries control and configuration information.

· Traffic Channel ==> Carries only data traffics.

· Max. No of layers in Layer mapping ==> 4 for UL & 8 for DL

· Maximum number of TBs that can be delivered to physical layer ==> 1 for UL & 2 for DL

· What are types of channel coding in NR?

  • PDSCH, PUSCH = 4 LDPC ( L ow D ensity P arity check C ode)

    • Channel coding on the traffic channel.

    • LDPC corrects channel errors by maintaining parity bits for a selection of the data bits.

  • PDCCH, PUCCH = 4 Polar (Polar codes are the error-correcting code on the 5G NR control channels. Polar codes are unique in the way they split the channel into good and bad bit-channels)

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