Data freeze issue in iPhone in good RF

Hi Experts.

We are facing data freeze issue in iPhone in good RF.

After toggle airplane mode things gets normal.

Mainly the problem is due to no paging.

We are observing this issue mainly with iPhone user.

Have anyone encountered such problems?

We had encountered similar issue in the past and it was related to specific UE.

During Trace analysis all of sudden UE UL coverage levels used to drop at lowest levels and UE starts transmitting at highest power resulting in data freeze.

Suggest to check on UE side.

This can be verified from collecting traces from both UE and RAN side.

Thanks, we will check that part.

You can check FGI from the CHR traces, to check if the problem is linked with Top UE issue.

Mostly 13pro max user impacting

I have faced problems with iPhone under LTE Band 38 coverage.

Were you able to test with an Android device?

In the same scenario you have the same result?

The behaviour is random not all the time.

Log capture in the DUT would be very helpful.

Then you can review the messages that are exchanged at the signaling.

There you would have a broader picture of what the issue is about.

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