Daily Conformance KPIs with Python

Few days back I shared a Python code on how to perform Excel file formatting using Python. Today, I am sharing how to apply conditional formatting on columns using Python.

You can get Python code from the following link:

  • Delete the row.
  • Change the Color of the tab.
  • Set Date Column Format.
  • Set Float Number Format.
  • Merge Rows.
  • Apply Border on all the cells.
  • Set Header Font and Background color.
  • Apply Alignment on all the cells.
  • Set column width.
  • Hide column.
  • Set Zoom Size.
  • Conditional Formatting apply on the columns.

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Such a great work brother

Dear Umed, great thanks for your lessons. At last few years it was obvious that network planning and optimization requires programming skill and staff. So in our team we invited few programmers. They really helped us a lot especially during swap (combined KPI monitoring for different vendors, configuration from one vendor to another, neighbors…). So I decided to learn python. ))) I try to make eNodeB xml config parser, but unfortunately… )) But you lessons should help me!

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Thanks a lot dear for your kind words.