Customer goes for CSFB when ducting increases

Hi All.

When ducting increases on a site customer continuously goes for CSFB. Why?

Since LTE layer is disturbed (TDD and/or FDD), it’s good to move to 3G/2G for Voice.

For us, we increased qrxlevmin in such case to control AFR.

But not sure if customer goes for csfb. Will check it.

We don’t have this we need to kept customer on 4G.

We just flip priority on this time.

UE redirection may occur from TDD to FDD.

To maintain PRB utilization in FDD, VoLTE load is offloaded by performing CSFB to lower layers.

We already set that early exit for qci1 from TDD towards FDD.

You can try load balancing feature which will take load into account.

Or service based handover.

I think load balancing consider only non gbr traffic seems not suitable for VoLTE so SBHO can be good option.