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Is telecomHall Really Free?

Yes, it’s completely free. ALWAYS!

You will never have to pay anything to access all the resources in our community!

It has been this way for 25 years and will continue for the next 25. :wink:

How telecomHall Started?

telecomHall started in 1999, and it had a different name back then. It was based on discussion lists via Yahoo! Groups emails, which were popular at the time.

It began with the idea of some engineers to create a place (hall) where they could discuss telecommunications (telecom). Hence the name telecom + Hall.

Soon we had our first articles, written in an “easily explained” style that quickly gained popularity worldwide - anyone could learn in a simple, quick, and free manner.

Besides the articles, which were responses to engineers’ questions at the time, telecomHall evolved into various areas or “verticals.”

Today, it is the largest free telecom community in the world and includes the following verticals:

  • Learning: our main goal, to teach everyone in a simple way!
  • Groups: groups on all social networks, especially WhatsApp Groups
  • Forum: a fantastic knowledge base, with the experiences of tens of thousands of members over the past two decades
  • Tools: free and open source tools, to help you productivity!
  • Blog: with diverse information, tips, and a touch of humor
  • Jobs: the community also cares about those seeking employment

All this is done in a very serious and professional manner. And of course, nothing illegal!

Join us - you are always welcome in any area of the community.

But how can it be free if there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”?

Yes, this is a common phrase in the corporate world, often used to illustrate that nothing is truly free. For instance, when a salesperson invites a client to lunch and covers the bill, it’s not out of pure generosity—they have ulterior motives and will recoup that cost later when the client is persuaded to make a purchase.

However, we are not selling anything, and we’ve been doing this for over 25 years.

Another way to think about it: when someone performs a charitable act, like giving a meal to a homeless person who can’t pay anything back, isn’t that meal free? Of course it is… But this analogy is just to illustrate our point.

We’re not doing charity here. But we also don’t charge anything. We have a goal, a dream that we’ve been pursuing since we started in 1999. Yet, there are still people who don’t believe in us.

There is nothing we can do to change the minds of those who oppose our community, whether they ignore, boycott, or even attack us.

But we always respect them and will always be here, hoping that one day those who were once against us will join us.

Whatsapp Groups

Why don’t we have groups for specific discussions?

In summary, because division creates more division. And it is a bad practice.

But you can read a more detailed explanation here → Why don’t we have many groups, each for a specific topic?

Why Can’t I Join a Group?

  • We created an initial group on WhatsApp for the Forum called “telecomHall FORUM #01.”

  • WhatsApp has a limit of 1024 members per group.

  • Once the initial group was full, we had to create a new group for those who couldn’t join Group #01.

  • This process is continuous. Whenever a group gets full, we create more groups for those who were left out.

This is why a member who is already in the “FORUM #01” group should not join the other groups “FORUM #02”, “FORUM #03”, and so on.

This also applies to JOB groups: if you are already in a job group (e.g., “JOBS #03”), you should not join the other job groups (JOBS #01, JOBS #02 etc.).


Why to follow telecomHall Page on Linkedin?

Because you will have a daily dose of knowledge, laughs, and career boosts! :wink:

Make sure to follow our LinkedIn page! You will stay updated on the latest and greatest in the world of telecom, with a sprinkle of humor to brighten your day. Whether you’re looking for expert insights or just need a little motivation, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t miss out – follow us now and join the fun. Let’s stay connected and keep those telecom vibes strong! With over 32,000 followers, we’re just getting started.



Can you help me find a job?

Finding a (new) job is undoubtedly one of the most delicate tasks anyone can go through.

The uncertainty, the problems, the bills… Time keeps passing, and nothing happens, everything gets worse. Self-esteem goes away, and despair approaches. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just like when we lose loved ones, no matter how much we try to prepare, when the moment comes, everything seems to lose meaning.

That’s why we must seek help! :sos:

We (telecomHall community) are here to help you, but please understand that this help doesn’t mean we will “give” you a job. We can’t do it directly, as we are not HR.

We have some tips that can guide you to secure a job:

  • First, read thisHow to Get a Job

    • Don’t skip it, it has valuable tips that will surely make a difference in your job search.
  • Join a Job Vacancies group

    • For now, we only have an International group, but we plan to have one in each country in the future.
      • But please note: our Job Vacancies groups are only for “posting job openings.” Do not ask for a job or send your CV. It will be useless.
    • Jobs Group: WhatsApp Group Invite
  • Join a Technical Discussion group in your area

    • This might be the most important action you can take, as it will help you stay updated and build a network of people in your field. If you participate, you are more likely to be seen as competent and proactive.
    • Web Forum: telecomHall Forum
    • WhatsApp Forum: WhatsApp Group Invite
      Follow Update and News pages

A good tip here is to follow our community page on LinkedIn:

  • By following the page, you will receive selected information in your LinkedIn feed, only what is worth seeing in the world of Telecom and Technology, always with a touch of optimism (motivation) and humor (fun).
  • Follow Linkedin Page: telecomhall | LinkedIn
    Following these tips, we do not guarantee that you will find a job (soon). But we assure you that they will help you. Trust and persevere.

Web Forum

Those who keep learning will keep rising in life.

What is Discourse?

Discourse is the free software for the management of mailing lists and internet forums that we use as telecomHall base.

It is the best existing forum platform, and we use it to replace the archive and mailing lists.

You can send a message to a category using the Discourse interface in your browser, or you can send an e-mail to the category.

How can I register in telecomHall?

To do so, you have to visit the Discourse homepage. The registration here is done using your email address.

Can attachments be sent?

Yes, attachments can be sent. However, only certain file formats jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt and PDF are permitted.

To upload a file directly to forum, use the icon when you are editing a new topic.